I have more than once woken up feeling like crap. But often, for some people, that feeling goes much deeper, to a point where you have a conscious and overwhelming desire to scream: ‘Enough!’

At such times, your heart’s beating fast. …

Living on a marginal planet, near a peripheral star, in just one of billions of galaxies, we are not the centre of the universe but we may be the only ones breathing oxygen.

Oxygen is the life in the blood on which so much of life depends. We can’t begin…

The Case of Bianca Devins

The story of Bianca Devins lowers the spirit from the start. It’s hard to convey any optimism or uplift about events surrounding her death.

Bianca was a teenager from Utica, New York, stabbed to death on July 14, 2019 by Brandon Andrew Clark. Only ‘allegedly’…

The Insidious Rise of Monetized Game Play

You shouldn’t stand in the way of progress. Right? Wrong!

The video game industry today is pocket-book talking and companies like Electronic Arts are known for the depth of their pockets.

You might say: ‘a billion dollars here, a billion dollars there’, but…

I have a theory for everything.

I have a theory for everything.

One theory goes along the lines that ‘Tweeting’ is simply the penultimate stop before we plug into each other’s brains.

And by implication of course, into each other’s thoughts.

Thoughts are brief and private thoughts are the enemy of free speech. They’re short term…

Crashing through the rain on a near empty double decker bus in London, I saw a British flag, limping in a desultory wind.

Set high above an over confident mass architectural calculation - the Victoria and Albert museum, it whispered the last ‘hurrah’ of the Empire as I passed.


The dawn of US television in the early 1950s. A primordial moment when the potential for every kind of creature was possible. Where if you were a writer, you became master of your own universe. You could write anything. Play with time, mix genres, invent new characters, new fictions. As…

Censorship in Documentary Film-Making

After the gushing documentary ‘Our Queen’ was aired on British television, several newspapers rubbed their eyes incredulously. Where are all the intelligent documentaries about the British Royal Family?

This mock display of concern hides the real question. I’m sure even the reader of this article can…

Goodbye to Peace.

President Trump’s bawling at NATO is not the summit of his imbecility. No sir.

To bend a phrase, he’s just an old bull who carries his own china shop. Now, I’m not suggesting we ignore his off stage rants completely at this point. These bovine interruptions do…

Significant VOID (sV)

sV has a passion for relatable human stories. We embrace challenging stories by harnessing the power of activism.

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