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18 min readDec 18, 2020

The Case of Bianca Devins

The story of Bianca Devins lowers the spirit from the start. It’s hard to convey any optimism or uplift about events surrounding her death.

Bianca was a teenager from Utica, New York, stabbed to death on July 14, 2019 by Brandon Andrew Clark. Only ‘allegedly’ because the trial is on-going. The murder happened immediately after both had attended a Nicole Dollanganger concert, an aspect that I will touch upon later.

That evening, Bianca had kissed another young man in their company, firing up a latent anger within her host, Brandon Clark. The stolen kiss was cited as an apparent motivation behind his attack.

Disturbingly, he contacted 911 and Bianca’s family moments after his grisly act, also posting images of her body. Almost as an afterthought, he tried to kill himself as Police vehicles closed in. He failed and is currently standing trial for second-degree murder.

There are some people, myself included, who are dissatisfied with the commentaries surrounding her death. Not least the gloating over an image of a dead teenager. I can only imagine that people who absorb these things are living a sort of double frame of mind. Anyway. I’d like to start in this way.

As a first step, we should remind ourselves of what life is like as a teenager.

We’ve all woken up in our teenage years feeling like death. The age itself is a dance with the idea of it. Taking risks intensifies the hormones in drug like doses. You surely remember those erratic, emotional feelings? That dread, the sense that the whole cave of your chest has been hollowed out and filled with the concrete of despair.

Remember it, because it’s the only way you will understand this story and the life and death of Bianca Devins.

Bianca’s heart was beating either too much or too little and the only transportation for her was to jump onto increasingly familiar social media platforms. From a young age, meeting virtual friends, eventually sparring with young men to sharpen her wit in the ‘game.’

It was safe and harmless fun up until that point, at least until she engaged in a long conversational string with Brandon Clark.

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