Enough is Enough!

Significant VOID (sV)
3 min readNov 16, 2021

I have more than once woken up feeling like crap. But often, for some people, that feeling goes much deeper, to a point where you have a conscious and overwhelming desire to scream: ‘Enough!’

At such times, your heart’s beating fast. You know that you’ve made a fundamental life decision to dramatically alter your life.

It’s not a ‘normal’ moment because ‘normality’ has been rejected. You’ve either decided to walk out of a relationship, crash your job, in a positive sense, to turn your back on hard drugs.

Either way, it’s physically impossible to go any further.

Your immediate next step however is unsure. But then again, any direction is better than the direction you were going in. Enough means enough. If you’re wondering if you’ve had ‘Enough!’ here are all the tell-tale clues, listed from one to ten.

1. The ‘Enough!’ moment arrives after a long period of denial. Cancelling moments, taking sickies, it is of itself, not a singular action but the culmination of a whole series of smaller ones that have gone horribly wrong.

2. Of course, no-one around you notices anything amiss. That’s important. The deeper you bury the feeling, the greater the pressure to get the ‘Enough!’ moment out there.

3. The ‘Enough!’ moment is two-faced. It can be massively constructive or it can be fatal. It’s not a gentle thing. Note, you should feel like you’ve pressed life’s emergency button.

4. Whether you think ‘Enough!’ or shout ‘Enough!’ A line has been drawn and everything after that moment will appear different. Like you’ve had a lobotomy.

5. From the human throat, all sorts of statements can be screamed. Bawling, whining, yelling, abusing. But good things come from it too. Perhaps the most heroic statement any person can scream is ‘Enough!’ It’s the pinnacle of all expressions. A pure statement of freedom. So go with the flow. It’s not a bad thing.

6. Whenever you reach that ‘I can’t go on anymore’ moment, you can bet you’ve passed through three broad stages of bargaining with yourself, depression, to the bliss of acceptance, the final calming of the mind when you know that after having screamed ‘Enough!’ you have kicked life’s game board over. Everything might be a mess, but at…

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