Significant VOID (sV)
4 min readJul 13, 2020

I have a theory for everything.

One theory goes along the lines that ‘Tweeting’ is simply the penultimate stop before we plug into each other’s brains.

And by implication of course, into each other’s thoughts.

Thoughts are brief and private thoughts are the enemy of free speech. They’re short term cache. Ungraspable. Illusive. Dangerous.

Do you really love me Patty?

What are you thinking right now Kenny?

Was that good for you Ricky?

What did you think of that goal Marty?

You get silence or a lie but rarely an honest reply. Point is, you know that people are saying one thing, thinking another.

Thoughts? They’re always there and when you think about it, knowing what the other person’s thinking? Well, that’s been the driving force behind all of us. It’s the thrust. It’s why we push so hard.

Put simply.

What we need is a technology solution to reveal hidden thoughts. That’s the real Nobel. That’s what should drive science next. Fuck the mind of god. What are you not telling me?

Don’t misunderstand me. When we do reach that grand cerebal paradigm, when we finally do get into each other’s heads, trust me. Everything will be all right. The ghosts will go away. Just think about it. If you know someone’s thoughts…

You can dodge a bullet.



Significant VOID (sV)

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